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Welcome to Far Hills Association serving the Sunset Lake community.

The Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm to discuss Association matters.  The meetings are held at Levins Hall, meetings held in the winter are done so via conference call.  We encourage Association members to attend.

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Dear Members,

We are saddened by our loss of Al Bauer. Al was Association President as well a Director of Legal and Permits. Our Association will certainly miss his enormous contributions of service, leadership, and friendship.

Moving forward this spring, we need to ensure that we have accurate records of who is putting docks on Association property and who is mooring boats. The goal is to ensure that we are providing private access to the lake to Association members, and that docks are in designated areas.  The Association bylaws state that the Board of Directors is to designate specific areas for the docks and boat moorings.  Three areas have been identified by the Board as;  1) the narrow cove at the intersection of Holiday, Sunset and West Shore drive,  2)  the Winding Cove boat ramp,  and 3) the northern most cove on the lake (‘Bauer’s’ cove).

The bylaws also state that the dock and mooring permits must be renewed annually.

Members that had docks registered last year are required to renew their dock permits this (and every) spring or forfeit their permit. For a 2013 permit please send an e-mail requesting a renewal to simskat@charter.net (please put dock permit in the subject heading). Include your phone number and address.

All docks without a permit will be removed from the lake.

At this time there is a moratorium on new dock permits. A waiting list will be started and permits will be granted on a first come, first served basis. If you want to be put on the waiting list for a dock or mooring space, please e-mail simskat@charter.net (please put dock permit in the subject heading). Once the dock permits for this year are all accounted for the board will evaluate whether we can grant further dock permits. 

Many thanks for your cooperation and help,

Far Hills Association Board of Directors


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