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Horseshoe Pits at Ripple Beach

Subject: From Bob Mogavero - Ripple Beach horseshoe pit renovations


Dear Members of FHA:


I as you are aware I attended the June Far Hills Association Board of Director's Meeting. At that time I asked the Board to consider renovating
the horseshoe pits at Ripple Beach.  At the meeting the Board asked me with the assistance of Board Member Mike Dolan to prepare an estimate of what it
would cost to do so.


We estimate the cost at $413.00 (attachment above) including pressure treated lumber, new posts, screws and cement.  The estimate does not include
labor as I hope to find volunteers from the FHA to make the installation an FHA group project. I also know that although it is not a very expensive project it will add a lot of value and enjoyment for members at FHA functions and all through the summers.


I also know that right now there is no budget for the project and I believe that we may be able to raise the money from donations or the donation of any
needed material by the FHA Members that they may have left over from home projects.  To kick it off I am willing to donate $50.00 and I hope that others would also commit with funds or material to get this worthwhile project completed.


I ask the Members of FHA to send me notification of your favorable support.  I will either pick up your donation or you can mail it to me at 15 Blueberry
Road.  I will keep track of the funds and notify you when the work is ready to commence.  If you would like to help I would also appreciate your
support. Please make tour check out to Far Hills Association.


Robert Mogavero.
Member of the Far Hills Association
15 Blueberry Road
Phone 978 827 5833
Email: mogi_playpen@comcast.net

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