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Welcome to Far Hills Association serving the Sunset Lake community.

The Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm to discuss Association matters.  The meetings are held at Levins Hall, meetings held in the winter are done so via conference call.  We encourage Association members to attend.

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Association members –

It’s time to vote on our annual Far Hills Association budget. The Board of Directors is proposing a total budget based on the current Association dues of $900 per house and $550 per lot. This year’s budget reflects an expected $315 increase in receipts. The major changes to the distribution of the funds are due to the fact that we need to replace several lake markers/buoys this year and there was only $300 in last year’s budget for boating safety. The Board has proposed moving $500 from the Truck fund, $500 from the Fishing fund, and $1000 from the Legal fund into the Boating Safety fund to cover the estimated $2300 to purchase the new buoys and moorings.


Please return your proxy voting forms.


The budget meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 12th, at 9am at the American Legion, 132 Williams Rd. in Ashburnham. This is the forum for us to discuss any suggestions or issues. I hope that we see you there.

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