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The Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm to discuss Association matters.  The meetings are held at Levins Hall, meetings held in the winter are done so via conference call.  We encourage Association members to attend.

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Attention Members: Level 3 Sex Offender



Many of you are aware that there is a registered Level 3 sex offender living within our Association. Understandably, this has caused a great deal of anxiety among some of our members. I spoke with the Ashburnham Chief of Police regarding possible actions that the Association can take to protect our families.

There are no legal restrictions on where the individual can go. Consequently, the Association cannot legally prevent the individual from using our beaches or other common areas. The individual has the same access to the Association common areas as all members in good standing.

We have to rely on awareness and education to protect ourselves. Make sure that your neighbors are aware of the situation. Talk to your kids. Don’t instill panic, but educate them on how they should respond to a potentially compromising situation. And of course, if you see any activity that you consider inappropriate or dangerous, call the police.


Art Sims

President, Far Hills Association

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