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The Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm to discuss Association matters.  The meetings are held at Levins Hall, meetings held in the winter are done so via conference call.  We encourage Association members to attend.

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The Board of Directors has been trying to find a way to get more participation for our Spring “workday”, as we have called it in the past.  It really is not a work day because itis about 3 hours of effort by the Board Members and several regular members who come and try to do what we think we can get done with the number of folks that show up.


We also have been approached by several people about how to make our Far Hills Properties all that they can be.  Their aim (and all our aims really) is to make Far Hills the Gem that it can and should be.  We have noticed a surge in the participation for our summer cookout and all the new faces of members that have the desire to be part of something set apart by its beauty and uniqueness in all of New England.  Do you know anyone else who owns their own lake? 


I met a non-member from Town recently and he said “ when I look at what you have at Sunset Lake I think of Carmel in California or the destination aspects of Lake George.”

I thought at first that he was kind of “off”.  Upon further reflection I started to think that if we had a master plan we could be all that we want to be and raise our properties to the level that anyone driving in here would take pause at its beauty and uniqueness.  Property values would increase and the setting would be perfect and it would be a haven to us all.


To do that, we need to step up our efforts, ramping up the care of our Far Hill’s Property.  As part of an overall long term planned approach we can do it.  Just look at the new horseshoe pits that came about because one of our members wanted to make it happen!


We have had suggestions that we could do it by neighborhoods (with the boards approval of what needs to be done) and that is an excellent way to get the place moving along a path to make where we live as special as it can and should be.


This long dissertation brings us to the point of this Email.  We need you to come and be part of our spring property maintenance effort.  We are going to call it Far Hills Spring Green Day.


We have to let people know that it is special and that we care about it. That starts with the work we need to do Saturday morning the 14th of May at 9 AM.  We need about 30 people.  We hope to have:


3 crews of 4 people with trimming equipment to cut back brush at the sides of the roads and pick up trash.

1 crew of 3 people to spruce up the Lollipop Beach Area and cut brush, pick up trash, rake out the beach etc.

1 crew of 4 people to spruce up the Ripple Beach Area open up the clubhouse, cut brush, pick up trash, rake out the beach etc.

2 crews of 3 people to clean leaves and debris from trenches and culverts.

1 crew of 3 people to spruce up the dam area and start a maintenance program there.


That is 28 to 30 people (not a terribly large number) when you consider that we get about 12 or 13 now.  So please come and bring any tools that you think will help.  Don’t forget your gloves, wheelbarrows, loopers, trimmers, shovels and rakes.  If you are coming alone bring a neighbor or 2.  If you do come we are going to have a drawing for $50.00 for one lucky participant.


We know that many cannot make it on that day but we plan to offer chances for them to help by sending specific email blasts later on, for addition tasks that need to be done neighborhood by neighborhood.


Also on that Saturday at 8:45, Paula Dolan will be at The Clubhouse for a short kickoff meeting to organize a committee to develop a beautification plan and schedule for the Association’s properties. All are invited and your input is welcome.


               Some possible items for discussion:

               -  The Sign at Blueberry and Dunn is an immediate item that needs to be addressed.  The replacement and wording on the sign would inform the public of the                                                        Association Rules that must be adhered to while on our private property. 

               - Unique Street signs encompassing our logo is another possible item for the future, again letting people know (in a positive way) that they are on our property and                                 Associations rules must be maintained.

               -Garden areas at some intersections could be re-established and neighborhoods’ could organize their own crews to take care of brush, trash etc.

               -A plan to accept cutting of perennials and flowering plants from residents for planting around Far Hills’ property.

               -All ideas are gladly received.


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