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Welcome to Far Hills Association serving the Sunset Lake community.

The Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6pm to discuss Association matters.  The meetings are held at Levins Hall, meetings held in the winter are done so via conference call.  We encourage Association members to attend.

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Dave Urban - Director of Water

Email: sunsetlake.water@gmail.com

Director of Water

Responsible for potable water (or drinking water) for Far Hills Association.

Curb stop maintenance and repair

Water lines including 

8” main water pipes

2” main water pipes

Hiring and managing contractors as needed for water line repairs

Maintaining/Creating maps of curb stops for all residences on lake

For each home on the lake there is a curb stop which connects to our water supply. The curb stop is the property of Far Hills Association. Far Hills is responsible for the water up to this Curb stop. Homeowners are responsible from the curb stop to their home.

Turning on and shutting off water to residences for service repairs to individual homes, main water lines, seasonal winterization and non-paying dues members.

Attendance at monthly meetings with the Far Hills Association Board to update any water issues. 

Write up water issues and updates for the Biannual Newsletter.

Post water issues and information to Far Hills web site as needed.

Maintain supplies of water line parts and tools for future repairs. 

Assist in main water gate operation (shutting down and turning back on) for all repair situations. This requires meeting with contractor with map of water system in order to locate and operate all gates effecting lines needing repair.

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