Urgent call for volunteers. Are you in?

FHA Members – First, we want to take a minute to thank you for a great summer on the lake. Even with very busy lives and uncertain times, our members took time to help keep our beaches clean and picked up litter along our roads. Thank you so much! All your efforts were noticed and very appreciated. We do have one last call to action for you this year… can you please help us next Saturday for our Fall Clean Up Day? We have a lot of work that needs to get done and the more help we have, the easier it will be for everyone. Are you in?

What: Fall Clean-up Day
When: Saturday, October 17th
Where: Meet at the Ripple Beach parking area at 9 AM
Why: We need help, please!

All volunteers will be submitted into a raffle to win Sunset Lake swag!

Here is a list of projects we need to accomplish. If you cannot join us on Saturday, please let us know if you can help another time. All of this work needs to get done before the weather prevents us from doing it. We rely on volunteers to help get this done.

Lollipop beach:
• Retrieve life-saving rings and ropes.
• Retrieve volleyball nets.
• Gather picnic tables together & stack at an angle.
• Move piles of dirt/gravel at western end of parking area back into parking area.
• Spread stone/gravel on boat ramp to fill ruts.
• Put protective markers/poles at planted areas.
• Pick up Trash.
Ripple Beach:
• Retrieve life-saving rings and ropes.
• Retrieve volleyball nets.
• Gather picnic tables together, stack at an angle.
• Put flags/caution tape on posts around horse-shoe pit area.
• Move gravel back into parking areas from edges, reset concrete railroad ties and boulders.
• Pick up trash.
• Roadside tree-trimming, significant work needed on Iroquois Drive.
Please bring any tools that you may have for the projects you can help with. Shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes, loppers, pruning saws, pole-saws & gloves, of course.

Please contact Roger Allen at maintenance@farhillsassociation.com to let him know how you can help.

Thank you in advance. We really need your help!