Help Needed – Open Spaces Steering Group

Far Hills Open Space Master Plan Steering Group Is Seeking Your Help!
The Sunset Lake Watershed Advisory Committee and our social director are launching a Far Hills Open Space Master Plan Project to learn how our members think we can best use the association’s 37 acres of common land.  This includes our beaches, mooring spots, plus other lakefront and upland forested open spaces. Once formed, the steering group will solicit input from other association members, including full-time, seasonal and lot owners. The data collected will be used to develop an open space master plan that will be presented to the Far Hills Association Board of Directors later this year. This plan will guide the board of directors in their planning and implementation of future improvement projects.

It is clear that Covid-19 concerns will still be with us for a while, so we will not be able to do all the in-person events we would like this year.  Many are looking for ways to virtually connect within our community and this is an opportunity to work with your friends and neighbors to develop an open space master plan that assures the association’s resources are preserved, protected, and enhances the membership’s access, utilization and enjoyment of the lake and its common spaces.

We would love your input and help! Our work and gatherings will be online, so this is a great opportunity for all members. permanent, seasonal and lot owners, to get involved. We also want to encourage the input and involvement from youth in our community.  Please consider joining the steering group to guide this work. Below is a draft plan of what we are currently thinking about this process. Once we gather, the steering group may tweak this.

  • Develop a survey to gather ideas and interests about how members use, and would like to use, Far Hills open space lands. (March-April)
  • Share the information compiled in the survey plus create natural resource inventory of the areas. (May)
  • Host some type of online and/or physically distanced charette. Note: a charette is a meeting to intensely work on a design or planning activity.  (June)
  • Write up the plan developed at the charette and share it with membership for comment. (July)
  • Revise plan and submit it to the board for approval.  (August)

Please let us know if you would like to be part of the steering group by March 15th The first meeting is currently scheduled for March 20, from 10:30 AM – 12 PM. If you would like more information about this project or to volunteer your time to this most worthy effort please contact Terry Kennedy, FHA Social Director & steering group co-lead,  or Carolyn Sellars, steering group co-lead.