Tree Removal Policy – Your Feedback Wanted by 4/20!

Tree Removal Policy – Your Feedback Wanted by 4/20!
Members – Please read this proposal for a new FHA procedure for requesting tree and brush removal within the FHA and provide your feedback by 4/20 using the link below.

Trees and brush act as a natural attenuation of watershed, provide shade and have many benefits for the lake and surrounding the lake.  Removing trees and brush could negatively affect the lake in many ways.  This proposed new procedure is for the FHA to approve any tree and brush removal within the FHA.  The FHA would have a scoring system to be consistent when approving.  There are many circumstances where the FHA would approve removal quickly.  (safety issues, etc.)  Currently, anything within 100 ft of the lake needs the town Conservation Commission to approve.  The FHA wants to weigh in on all tree and brush removal.

Proposal – Procedure for Requesting Tree Removal
1.  Any tree greater than 4 inch in diameter that the owner would like to remove anywhere within Far Hills Association (FHA) must be approved by the Board of Directors of the FHA.
2.  Any tree or brush desired to be removed within 100 feet of the lake or 200 ft from a stream must be brought to the FHA Board for review and approval before being brought to the Conservation Commission for its independent review and approval.
3.  For review by the FHA Board, the Tree Removal Request Form must be filled out and submitted.
4.  Trees that are desired to be removed should be marked so that a proper review and assessment of the tree removal can be performed.
5.  A member of the FHA Board or designee will review the property and request form.  The review may include consideration of the guidelines developed by the State of Vermont (available upon request).
6.  A final determination on the tree removal will be provided no more than 2 weeks after the FHA Board meeting after the Tree Removal Request Form is submitted by the member.
7.  Emergency Exemption:  Notification and approval by the Far Hills Association is not required for emergency removal of any tree(s) that fall(s) on a home, structure, utility line, road, driveway or vehicle.  This is the only exemption allowed.

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