Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations
The Far Hills Association nominating committee is accepting nominations for the following positions:

Director – (3 positions available) – 3 year term.
The 9 Directors of the FHA Board of directors meet on a monthly basis and are responsible for the “business” of the  Association.  Each Director takes on a specific area (e.g. Social, Water, Security) based on interest and, in some cases, expertise.  The position includes a small annual stipend.

Secretary – 1 year term
The Secretary is responsible for recordkeeping and communications of the Board and the Association.  Good communication skills (both written and electronic) and organizational skills are important.  The Secretary must be a resident of Massachusetts. The position is paid $2,500 annually.

Treasurer – 1 year term
The Treasurer is responsible for the financial activities of the Association, such as preparation of monthly and annual financial reports, invoicing and collection of annual dues, payment of Association bills, development of the next year’s budget, and maintenance of financial records suitable for an annual audit.  The position is paid $5,000 annually

This is a great opportunity for members to make a contribution to the successful operation of the association that provides a safe and happy neighborhood for us all!

Any member in good standing is eligible for nomination. You can nominate yourself or another member by  completing this Online Nomination Form.

In accordance with the bylaws, nominations must be received by midnight, July 3rd, for review by the nominating committee.  Elections will take place at the Annual Shareholders Meeting on August 14th.

Thank you in advance for your participation.
 -FHA Nominating Committee