• No boats in swimming areas –  For the safety of our swimmers, please remember that at the association beaches, NO BOATS of any kind are allowed in the swimming areas, either motorized or non-motorized. This includes, but is not limited to, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, rowboats, or any other form of boat. There is room adjacent to the swimming areas to pull up a small boat, if needed.
  • No dogs at Winding Cove, Ripple or Lollipop Beaches – We are seeing the same people walking their dogs at these beaches (recorded on camera) and will start rules enforcement including fines if it continues.   Driftwood Beach is currently our only pet-friendly beach.
  • No Glass at the beaches – We do not allow glass (bottles) on the beaches; we have found broken glass several times; including by the swings at Lollipop Beach.  All trash should be removed when you leave.

Fireworks prohibition – Fireworks are leaving a mess on the beaches; reminder that they are not allowed on FHA property.