Water Outage Notice

From the FHA Water Director:

Recently there has been a number of water main breaks on the Winchendon water line that feeds the Association. These breaks are not in our control; fortunately, the town water company is pretty good about repairing the breaks quickly. If a large break occurs within the Association, the Town will usually contact the FHA Water Director directly, and we arrange for the necessary repairs. We also do our best to notify members of the status of repairs.

If you should notice a leak or if your water pressure goes to zero, you can contact the FHA Water Director at water@farhillsassociation.com or the Association Secretary at secretary@farhillsassociation.com. After hours, please call the Ashburnham police dispatcher at 978-827-4413. They should know about any water main breaks and contact the FHA Water Director as needed.