Sign Restrictions – NEW!

Sign Restrictions – Voted in at the Annual Meeting (Aug 2022)

A “temporary sign” is any sign which is placed to announce a specific event or opinion, or which is
not intended to be placed permanently.

1. Except as stated below, no signs of any kind,
permanent or temporary, may be displayed
without written permission
from the Board.
a. One “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign per lot and
pertaining only to the lot on which the sign is
b. One contractor’s sign per lot shall remain on
the lot no longer than 14 days after completion of
the project.
c. Two temporary election signs that shall remain on the lot no longer than 45 days prior to
and no longer than
7 days after any election date.
d. Two temporary yard sale signs that shall remain on the lot no longer than 7 days prior to
and no longer than
1 day after any yard sale date.
e. One temporary personal sign. (e.g., Birthday,
f. Maximum of two security signs. Security signs
do not count toward personal sign count.
2. All permitted signs shall not exceed six (6)
square feet each, must be placed at least 10 feet
from any roadway, and
shall not cause any obstruction or safety hazard.
3. No lot shall exceed more than three signs at
any given time.
4. State- or town-mandated signs (MA DEP, etc.)
are allowed at any time and must be removed
after the rationale is
5. Members that own more than one lot must
contain any permitted signs to the lot that contains their home. Empty
lots can have only one sign. (For sale, no trespassing, no hunting, etc.)
6. Offensive language and/or images are prohibited on any sign, banner or flag. The Board will
make final decision.
If you wish to place a sign that does not conform to
these guidelines, please send a picture and request for
approval to: