Sunset Lake Winter Rules – NEW!

Sunset Lake Winter Rules
■ All persons using the frozen lake do so at their own risk.
■ All vehicles driven on ice and Association roads and property must be operated responsibly.
All state and federal rules and regulations apply regarding registration, minimum operator
ages, operator certifications, licenses, accident reporting, etc. No reckless spinning, sliding,
or racing is allowed, and all must yield right of way to unpowered vehicles and pedestrians.
■ No littering or polluting of ice permitted:
● No wood, partially burned wood, ash, or debris can be left on ice;
● No bottles, cans, trash, animal waste, etc. can be left on ice.
■ No cleared ice skating/hockey rink areas allowed beyond 150 feet from shore.
■ No exposed fishing holes should be left in ice (fill them with ice chips/snow), nor should
piles of ice chips from drilled holes be left on ice (smooth them out).
■ All other FHA rules, including FISHING, apply in the winter.