Maintaining Harmony

Things you should know

Below you can download the legal documents that define the Far Hills Association, Inc. corporation, land parcels, along with bylaws and rules that provide how we operate and the agreements we make with each other to live in harmony for the benefit of all.


***** Vegetation & Tree Removal Policy – Effective 5/19/21 *****
The BOD voted in favor of a revised version of the vegetation (aka tree) removal policy last week.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback.  Everything you wrote was taken into consideration for this revised policy.  

  • All tree cutting and “vista pruning” activities within 100 feet of the lake or any other regulated wetland, or 200 feet from any perennial tributary to the lake (Bluefield Brook, Bear Meadow Brook, Estes Brook, and Harris Brook) are subject to review and approval by the Ashburnham or Winchendon Conservation Commission.  Members seeking approval to cut or prune trees in areas subject to Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act jurisdiction must provide the Association with a copy of all applications and other correspondence with the Conservation Commission prior to any agency hearing or decision on the request, as well as a copy of the final approval, prior to any cutting activity.
  • All cutting of trees with a diameter greater than 4 inches, measured at 1 foot above grade within 10 feet of any Far Hills Association road must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors or their designee.
Far Hills Association


A framework for our internal operations and management.

Far Hills Association

Covenants & Restrictions

Details parcels of FHA land, requirements, and limitations.

Far Hills Association

Articles of Organization

The registered business entity, purpose, and responsibilities.

Far Hills Association


Set forth via Board of Directors majority vote.

Far Hills Association
Far Hills Association