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Ripple Beach

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Our lakefront property at Ripple Beach could be the perfect spot for your next big event. It includes Levins Hall, a 400 square foot building, and the beautiful sandy beach. In the past we’ve had everything from private weddings to morning Yoga classes. All the forms you need can be found here.
For full details, contact the Social Director at:

Far Hills Association
2021 Rental Request
Far Hills Association
2021 Reservation
Far Hills Association
2021 Social
Activities Permit
Far Hills Association
2021 Large
Party Permit

Permit required for all parties 25+ on FHA properties.

In accordance with the FHA Rules and Bylaws, the BOD is requiring all members having events with 25 or more guests need to complete the Large Party Permit and submit it to the Social Director for safety and security purposes. There is no fee.

Far Hills Association
Far Hills Association