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Board members and departments

Directors help manage the services, lake quality, and safety of the community we all enjoy. They are voted onto the board via our Annual Membership meeting in August. We strongly encourage anyone who would like to contribute to the health and betterment of our community to get involved, either through volunteerism, participation in meetings and clean-up events, or to become a Director. The more perspectives we have, the more benefits we will all enjoy. 

For urgent needs, contact the department lead and the

President & Security

William Murray: or
Why I serve:  I am a new resident to the lake, and area, having moved here in March of this year.  Retired now, but during my 34 1/2 years as a police officer, 13 as Chief of Police, nothing was more important to me than giving back to and serving my community.  This was not a function of my position, rather one of who I am.  That feeling goes unchanged and it drives me to want to do the same here on beautiful Sunset Lake to make life here more enjoyable for all.

Water System
Dave Urban:
Why I serve: We moved here when I retired in 2014, and every day we are thrilled to be here to enjoy the fun and the beauty of the lake, as well as the camaraderie of the Far Hills community.  With my engineering background, I want to offer my time and skills to help enhance everyone’s enjoyment of Sunset Lake.

The FHA Water Director is responsible for ensuring reliable operation of the drinking water distribution system for the Association, including arranging for appropriate response to water main leaks, operation of supply valves (curb stops) at each household, and coordination of routine hydrant flushing.

If you have any problems with your drinking water supply or have spotted any water leaks in the Association neighborhood, please contact the Water Director at the email above or the Far Hills Association Secretary at  After hours, please call the Ashburnham police dispatcher at 978-827-4413.  They should know about any water main breaks and contact the FHA Water Director as needed.

Justin Pauquette:
Why I serve

Patti Ross:
Why I serve:  My husband and I moved to the area and lake in late November of last year in anticipation of retirement. We previously lived in Wilbraham, MA where I was able to leverage my civil engineering background by serving for 11 years on both the Conservation Commission as well as the Planning Board. Having retired in early July, I would like to be able to contribute to ensuring our Sunset Lake community continues to be an outstanding place for all to live and enjoy. 

Guest Boats
Members are responsible for all boats, canoes, kayaks and other gear brought in by their guests. Boats, trailers, waders and other fishing and boating equipment can spread aquatic invasive species from waterbody to waterbody unless properly cleaned, dried or disinfected after use. Although some invasive species such as water milfoil are readily visible to the human eye, many others are too small to be readily noticed. To avoid spreading invasive species please check, clean, drain, dry and disinfect everything that has contact with our lake before and after use.

Boat maintenance reminders:
• Always use a funnel when adding fuel so you don’t leak into the lake.
• Any maintenance on your motor should take place out of the lake.
• It is crucial (and law) that you clean and dry your boat if you travel to other lakes or put in our lake after being in another lake. We really want to avoid bringing in any invasive species to our beautiful lake.

Wear a life jacket! In MA, life jackets must be worn by:
• Canoeists and kayakers from September 15 – May 15
• Youth under 12 years old
• Water skiers/Tubers

Environmental & Permits 
Fred Sellars:
Why I serve: We moved here in 2017, and I retired from a 40-year career as an environmental consultant the following year.  We fell in love with Sunset Lake’s natural beauty, and I want to do whatever I can to help preserve, protect and enhance this wonderful environmental, aesthetic and recreational resource for generations to come.


Steve Douglas:
Why I serve:  I have been around lakes all my life and love living on Sunset Lake.  On the last lake that we lived on, I served on the Dam Committee and gained valuable experience with the dam maintenance and inspection process.  My engineering background allows me to be comfortable with and maintain the workings of the dam.  I want to give back to the lake community and provide any expertise that I can.

Holly Johansson:
Why I serve:  My husband Dave and I have lived on the Lake for a little over a year. We feel so lucky to be able to call this beautiful lake home. I have always believed that it is important to be involved and to give back to my community.  I am committed to helping to see that our lake remains a haven for all and to help our community move forward.

Roger Allen:
Why I serve: We have lived here since late 2010, and I do not foresee us moving anywhere else. I was feeling the need to contribute to the operation of the Association and was voted in as a Director in 2019. The role of Maintenance Director fits well with my desire and ability to fix and repair many things, and I intend to make sure the Association properties are functional and in good shape, and to make improvements where possible.

Legal & Insurance

Thomas Ryll:

Why I serve:  My wife Sophia and I joined the Association at the end of 2017. We enjoyed our house at 6 Indian Point Drive as a weekend retreat until the pandemic started and then moved here full time in the fall of 2021.  There is so much to do right here! We love this community and I’m interested in becoming a director to help manage and sustain what we have.

Assent Form and Info

If you are new to Far Hills Association and your home is not “assented”, please download and complete the appropriate form for the town you live in, then return to me or If you are not sure of your assented status, let me know and I’ll look it up. Assents go with the property, not the owner.

What exactly does it mean to be assented? Simple, an assented property means you will enjoy all the full privileges of being an FHA member as a Shareholder. It’s your agreement to be part of our community. Without it, you cannot vote on budget decisions, FHA bylaws, or Board elections. All of this is part of our Bylaws. Thanks!

For Winchendon, click here for the registry of deeds for your property info»
For Ashburnham, click here for the registry of deeds for your property info»


Barbara Eastman:
Why I serve: We have been so fortunate to live at Sunset Lake for 28 years, full time since 2005. It was my pleasure to serve as FHA Secretary for 4 years when major issues such as dam repair and boat horsepower lawsuits were resolved by the BOD. It is an honor to fill in the Secretarial vacancy as this current talented BOD face new challenges, such as water infrastructure. Proud to be a part of it.

Andre Kouyoumdjian:
Why I serve: I’ve been coming to Sunset Lake since 2001 and decided to be a permanent member when I bought my home in 2009. My wife and I love living here on the lake and want to do whatever we can to help preserve and maintain a wonderful neighborhood for generations to come.

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